Ethereum Cloud Technology

Connect Global Businesses and Create Smart Corporate Integration

The goal of the ETY
Connect Global Businesses
and Create Smart
Corporate Integration

ETY based blockchain project that utilizes blockchain technology
and digital identity to digitize assets, to automate the management
of digital assets using smart contracts, and to realize
a "Smart Economy" with a distributed network.

Corporate Assets + Corporate Digital Identity + Smart Contract =

Global Smart New Economy

Smart Corporate New Economy

In the real world, enterprises, websites and governments all sort out the value of assets and services - money. Intelligent electronic trading and trading of goods and services in our daily life have a close relationship. Trading is one of the important pillars of the modern economy. We are on the brink of a new economy. This new economy can be achieved with existing technology. By the time products, assets, services, contracts can be digitized and moved electronically, buyers and sellers will be able to trade through smart contracts that encrypt currencies.

Modern Exchange
ETY Platform

The Modern Exchange will assemble world-wide digital enterprise elites and use existing technologies and experience to assist qualified companies worldwide to issue their own digital assets with their existing assets to achieve financing goals."Ethereum Cloud(ETY)" will become the macro property on the blockchain, in which we will manage currency, corporate and other types of digital assets.

Since our blockchain assets are traded using ETY, if you want to realise your blockchain assets, you only need to sell all your assets, purchase ETY, and convert them into legal currencies according to real-time exchange rates through ETY exchanges. Of course you can also convert it to BTC, ETH and transfer it to your wallet.

Through the Modern Exchange of ETY, we can manage the new encrypted digital assets and encrypted assets business and create a new social network. It is committed to marketing the best products/companies. It can not only bring value to the financial sector, but also bring benefits to the community. With the listing of different types of companies/products, we will find an interesting phenomenon: the confirmation of market value. By creating a market with thousands or even millions of different types of contracts and a large number of active bidders, we can form a new understanding of public data, which will have an impact on many areas. Our goal is to closely monitor the data and use the data to assist ETY in its development and provide you with better investment, value added and services.


The ETY is the main internal encrypted digital unit applied for payment by ETY. The main currency is developed on the Ethereum blockchain according to the ERC20 standard, ensuring full compatibility with other projects and meeting standards.

The total supply of the ETY is limited and does not exceed 100 billion (or less, depending on the distribution of reward tokens during the initial issue of tokens). All ETYs will be created in the first issue token.

Application of ETY in other fields

The ETY service is an independent platform, which is why it provides more services for users than ordinary platforms. Our services are of a transactional nature, and their economic basis is derived from the services provided by ETY using several intellectual assets, corporate assets, online platforms, online stores, social networks, forums, and other third-party websites.


First Half of 2018 — Integrate Team Improvement Concept

2018 Q2 — Development of Ethernet (ETY) Platform

2018 Q3 — ETY Ecosystem, Smart Contract Development

Second half of 2018 — Integrated asset assessment team, ETY open source work

October 2018 - Release of ETY White Paper

November 2018 — Developing an ETY Wallet


August 2019 — Open Source Release of the Ethernet Chain (ETY)

Third quarter of 2019 — Global regional promotion, strengthening the cooperation of regional agents

Fourth quarter of 2019 — Blockchain assets expected to be distributed in 10-50 eligible corporate/ personal/commercial projects


Expected to issue blockchain assets for 50 or more eligible

corporate/personal/commercial projects

Expandability development